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Vegans are vegetarians: they don’t eat fish or meat veaans
vegetarians eat eggs, cheese and other dairy produc s, honey, don’t. In fact, they don’t eat any food from animals — eggs for example. Why do people become vegans? Usually, they that it’s wrong to kill animals for food or keep them for mil . egg . and other products. They also believe that keeping animals is a the environment because it needs a lot of space. A small farm wt animals can produce food for 20 people; but use the same land for vegetables and it can feed 240 people. Farm animals are also bad for the environment because they need a lot of water.
Fruitarians are vegans: they don’t eat meat, fish or any other animal products. But there are other rules too. Fruitarians don’t cook their food and they don’t eat any vegetables, rice, bread or processed food. So what can they eat? Well, nuts and seeds are OK. They can eat sweet fruit, like bananas and apples, and also olives, peppers and tomatoes because these are fruit too. Some people are fruitarians because they believe it is healthy. However, most doctors believe that fruitarians do not have a balanced diet. The human body needs some vitamins which aren’t in fruit or nuts.